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What would you attempt to do, if you KNEW you could not fail?

Pam Washington has a purpose

I believe we all have at least one BIG task to accomplish during our time on planet Earth. It’s been clear to me since I was in my mid-twenties that I’m here to heal – myself as well as others. Having a successful business, and sharing how I built it, is the vehicle by which I accomplish this.

​Much of Pam’s free content and resources of this nature can be found over at her Build Your Million Dollar Cleaning Business Facebook Group

Pam’s life had taken a critical turn around 1986
when a friend from work died one weekend.

After sharing with Pam her hopes for her young daughter one Friday, Pam got the news the following Monday that this apparently healthy young friend had suffered an aneurism and passed away quite unexpectedly over the weekend. This death hit Pam hard, and she began to take stock of what she was doing with her life. It wasn’t pretty.

Working as a stockbroker in Beverly Hills CA, she realized that buying and selling registered securities for a commission income was NOT her life’s mission. After several months of therapy, deeply intensive soul searching, and realizing she was living her life based on a set of faulty assumptions she’d learned as an abused child, Pam decided to quit the job she hated, strike out on her own, and fulfill her destiny to experience joy, heal, and help as many people as possible.

“Prior to this time I saw my life as being about work, responsibility, and doing what was expected of me.

But after the death of my colleague, I saw my future as an open road with many paths that I could choose, each of them joyful and more creative than the next. I felt a responsibility to my Creator to be the best I could, to appreciate the existence I was so blessed to have, and to help others to do the same.”

With a new-found awareness that we “miss 100% of the shots we never take” Pam followed her passion for food and service by founding a catering and event planning business which failed miserably three years later. After declaring personal bankruptcy in 1991, Pam moved to Las Vegas to take a job with a friend, an opportunity that flamed out and left her stuck in a new city without any means of support. So, she launched her cleaning business, without any friends, clients, experience, or local contacts.

Over the next 15 years Pam built her company to a $1M+ enterprise, earning praise and accolades along the way.

Starting out as a ‘solopreneur’ she grew from wearing all the hats within her business, and doing all the cleaning, to employing over 60 people, and servicing over 70 regional corporate clients, and several hundred residential.

She was featured on a Microsoft radio spot, a Fox News segment, and appeared in local and national press after winning awards at the local, regional, and national level for excellence and innovation. Working with Fortune 100 companies such as American Express, Office Depot, & Shell Oil, in addition to public sector entities such as Clark County and The Las Vegas Metro Police Department, led Pam to develop a series of systems she used to leverage and automate her business.

As successful as Pam’s life had become, she never forgot how much she’d had to overcome. In 2011 while working with a marketing coach in New York City, that coach encouraged Pam to take the leap of sharing her almost 20 years of expertise, perspective, and knowledge by starting what later became Build my Cleaning Business.

Pam has made a commitment to help purpose driven,
US based cleaning business owners, build companies that shape the world for the better.

You see, small businesses and entrepreneurs create the vast majority of the jobs in the United States. And local service based companies, where we take care of people’s homes and offices in the most intimate yet important ways, is nothing short of sacred work. The way we run our businesses, treat our clients, and interact with our workers – and what we do with our profits and free time, has the power to literally change our planet from the ground up.

By sharing her knowledge, systems, and inspiration…

Pam has successfully turned her life experience into another incredibly successful business and has now coached hundreds of amazing individuals to create 6-7 figure cleaning businesses that positively impact the world.

In 2018 Pam left the United States to begin a new phase in her life as a ‘digital nomad”.

She now runs her very successful cleaning service business (as well as her coaching and mentorship programs) via her laptop computer – with the help of a great team, while she travels the globe, exploring it’s cultures and beauties, learning, helping and healing along the way- while living a joyous life.

Become a member of Pam’s tribe as she shares insightful tools and practical resources to help you to unleash the Inspired $1Million Cleaning Business within you, and live the life you are meant to have


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Build a $1M DREAM Cleaning Business Without Working 60 Hours A Week

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Build Your Million Dollar Cleaning Business



Build a $1M DREAM Cleaning Business

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