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Why are Pam’s coaching and mentorships by invitation only?

Every person who enrolls in a mentorship with me will do so after having been invited by me (or a member of my team). I do it this way because coaching is a very intimate relationship in which you’ll have the opportunity to clear away ALL the obstacles stopping you from having the business, life, and impact you truly desire and deserve.

Many times, the solution is not simply more information, you may need to examine what’s keeping you from implementing the knowledge you’ve been given. So I prefer to work with cleaning business owners who are open to looking at their contributions to their current situations, and taking full responsibility for the change they want to see within their businesses.

If you’re invited to work with me, I will expect you to show up 100% for the coaching I provides. This means attending the group and private calls (or committing to listen to replays). It also means consuming the materials, doing the ‘homework’ assignments, completing the worksheets, being fully present and engaged in the private group communities, asking for the help you need, supporting others with input, and following up on the resources I supply.

If I enroll in working with Pam will I double or triple my income?

Anyone who tells you they can answer that question is not being truthful. The only person who can make that happen is you. Many (maybe most) people who buy information products do nothing with the information, and therefore get no results. If you do the same thing, you’ll likely get the same return on investment- zero. When you see the testimonials and case studies from my students who have had amazing growth and progress, it’s ALWAYS because they were serious action takers. Simply investing money, reading the materials, and watching the videos, will not advance your business. It’s by actually implementing what you learn, asking questions, and dedicating yourself to the process as well as the outcome, that you will gain the fastest and biggest transformation of your business, and your life.

What is the guarantee on Pam’s mentorships?

I invite less than 30% of the people I speak with to join my mentorship programs. I won’t waste your time or money if I can’t help you.

The reverse side of this means that I’m able to offer a powerful guarantee and stand 100% behind all my work. Here’s how I do that: my promise to you is that if you do the work in my programs and you don’t make back at least double (that’s 200% ROI) what you invested with me in 12 months, she will refund 100% of your money back to you.

That’s pretty incredible, right? You won’t see this kind of promise with any other of the gurus, or coaches in the cleaning industry space.

This is the reason why my programs cannot be purchased ‘off the shelf’ or on my website. When I commit to working with you, I am totally committed to supporting you and your dream for your business. If I can’t do that in 100% integrity, I will let you know. And I am not for everyone. My style of coaching is loving, forceful, and very straight-forward.

Who is an “ideal” cleaning business owner to work with Pam?

I work best with people who are open, honest, and willing to try new things; seeing failure as part of the pathway to success. To work successfully with me, you’ll want to be willing to face your fears, and move past them. This may means doing things that are uncomfortable, or that seem counter-intuitive.

People with a strong sense of mission and destiny who are driven not just by the desire for money and financial success, will enjoy working with me to address many of the ‘big questions’ about why we do what we do. Those of you who enjoy serving others for the sheer joy of it AND truly care about improving the lives of their clients, employees, and global family will find a potent ally in me and my team.

I believe it is not only possible, but your responsibility to use your gifts to have the biggest impact you can to serve more, help more, do more, give more, and enjoy more. THAT is our birthright and the purpose of our time here on Earth. To do any less would be ungrateful and unfitting of the unique brilliance each of us are born to.

So yes, my goal is to help you build the most successful cleaning business you possibly can. But not just for it’s own sake, Building your business is about much, much more than buying a bigger house, or car, or taking more vacations, although all of those are certainly part of the package (smile). Because the more you have, the more you can do. And I’m here to empower you to do good, while doing well. In whatever form that takes for each of you.

What types of people/situations can Pam not help with?

If your primary purpose in building a cleaning business is to use the income it provides to trade stocks, buy investment properties, create a franchise, etc. these are a few of the things that don’t motivate me personally. If you feel that the reason you haven’t already been as successful as you’d like to be is because:

  • the market in your area is too cheap
  • employees and contractors just don’t want to work any more,
  • that the system is designed to work against you

I’m probably not the coach for you. I say that, not because all of those things aren’t true but because they are, and yet we can still find a way to take responsibility for what we can, and build a business that serves the needs of ourselves, our clients our workers, and our communities.

So, if you’re fundamentally a negative person, a sceptic, or think most people aren’t well meaning, then we probably won’t be a good fit. And being totally transparent here: I don’t work well with people who already know everything, aren’t ‘coachable’, won’t do the work, constantly make excuses, and play the blame game. And people who are untruthful or don’t honor their commitments won’t want to work with me, because I can’t help them.

One last group of people are those who aren’t able/willing to invest both time AND money into building the business of their dreams are people that I can’t help. If anyone has told you that you can build a 6 or 7 figure business with grants and government loans or programs, that it will be easy to do part time, and won’t require more than $100 and 10 hours a week is frankly pulling your leg. That’s simply not the truth. Maybe it was 20 years ago, but it’s not true today. If I’m nothing else, I’m very straight-forward (sorry).

When do these mentorship programs start?

They start right NOW 🙂 Currently, I’m offering mentorships that start year-round, and on a revolving basis although that may change in the future. I believe there is no time like the present to start living your dream life and building the dream business that allows you to do it. So I don’t want anyone to have to wait until the next launch, or enrollment period, to work with me. If you’re excited to get started, then I am too. While I always have a limited number of spaces for any of the three programs I offer, I don’t typically make you wait to start being your amazing, powerful, successful entrepreneurial self! Let’s get started………



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