What They Are,

Where to Get Them, and

How to Begin the Process of Moving them into the “Customer” Position plus Keeping Them THERE!

Get Cleaning Clients

Remember that “cold prospects” are people that you are approaching (with very little information or encouragement) to see if they may be interested in your service.

Whether prospects start as (cold, warm or hot), your goal is to convert them into happy, long term clients!

You’ve accepted (and embraced right?) the fact that marketing your business is vital to your success…..

You know that it’s a vehicle (beats walking) to be utilized to your advantage. Now you’re on your way to having all the clients, money and free time you desire.

So let’s take a look at the category of “warm” prospects for your cleaning business.

A “warm” prospect is one that you have some reason to believe is already interested in your service. They could be someone that has visited your website. Maybe they accepted something free you’ve offered (a white paper, special report, checklist, template etc.). Or perhaps someone an associate of yours recommended they contact you. This is different from a referral which will be discussed in the segment on “hot prospects.” It could also be someone you know slightly via Social Media (I’ve had a lot of success with LinkedIn). Or that you met at a networking function, maybe they come to you through one of the varied forms of outreach you use to market your cleaning business.

More about How To Get New Clients
I hope your “marketing pie” consists of article submissions, speaking engagements, direct mail, paid and internet advertising, affinity marketing, your blog, newsletter, joint ventures, strategic alliances in addition to the other marketing techniques listed above. If it does, your prospecting “pipeline” should be providing you with a constant stream of these warm leads that you can follow up on. This will enable you to get new clients consistently and easily.

Keep in mind that the sales process is a continuum where people move gradually from one stage to the next. Think of it like dating. You don’t suggest getting married on the first date right? First demonstrate the value that you bring to the dating/selling table before rushing to “close the sale.” Rushing in this area is like groping your date within 5 minutes of first meeting. Doing this is likely to get you similar results (not good!).

So, once you’ve connected with your warm prospect, treat them with respect.

Get new clients

OK, so you see where I’m going with this right?

This gives you some food for thought on methods you can use and the general approach you should take with warm prospects.

In the next installment I’ll give you some specific instructions on tactics to use with warm prospects in your cleaning business. Use them to convert prospects into long-term, happy new clients.

We’ve gotten a good start on generating warm prospects and how to begin moving them closer to the hot prospect.

In order for this information to be of any real value to you, you’ve got to implement these strategies in your business.

The combination of information and implementation is what you get when you work with Build My Cleaning Business.