Commercial Cleaning Sales Pros 2.0
Are you unsure how to correctly price commercial cleaning accounts?
Do you struggle to win & retain them?
Or, are you gaining them – but want More and FASTER?
Revolutionize Your Business…..
For Giant Juicy Paydays
Without Stressing Out or Working Nights
Get My 8 Killer Marketing & Sales Secrets
green checkmark sm   Are you new to the world of commercial cleaning- interested in gaining some accounts, but not sure where to start?
green checkmark sm  Maybe you’ve been submitting quotes without much confidence about either the pricing or the structure.
green checkmark sm  Perhaps you’re unsure about what your numbers and margins should be.
green checkmark sm  Have you won a few accounts and then been sorry that you did, because they weren’t priced to be profitable?
When I started my cleaning business 25 years ago (in 1993) I used to experience the ‘feast and famine’ phenomenon where I was either too busy to have time for marketing, or too broke to be able to afford it. I couldn’t figure out how to stabilize my income and get the predictable growth that would allow me to build systems into my business and feel like I was actually in control of my company or my life. I burned through employees and lost customers because of complaints and ‘no-shows’ and really despaired about whether I was cut out to be an entrepreneur at times! If this sounds like you, then I know exactly how you feel, because I was there too, and it was miserable.
It took me almost a decade to figure out the systems I needed to employee to turn that nightmare around, and another 5 years to really refine it into a process that allows me to run my business in the way I always dreamed of, and I’m happy to reveal EXACTLY how I did it. If you hope to consistently bring home a multiple six figure paycheck, work 15-20 hours a week, (maybe do a bit of international travel?) live a stress free life with time for your family, friends and hobbies, I would love to show you what I’ve learned and how I managed to make the transition. In 2014 I spent the entire year on a travel sabbatical where I visited 8 countries on 4 continents, and was away from my home for 30 days at a time- managing my company with my laptop. I’m planning another trek for 2018-2019 and I’ll be running my cleaning (and my coaching business) from afar.
What People are Saying…
Fremont Janitorial FB testimonial Richard C.

Owner, Fremont Janitorial

Let me invite you to join me in….
Commercial Cleaning Sales Pros 2.0

Module 1 – Maximum Marketing & Providing “Value” Proposals

Effective Client Attraction-So Your Phone Rings Off The Hook, & You Work W/ Clients Who Appreciate You

Module 2 – The Pre-Proposal & Site Visit + Commercial Cleaning Proposal Template

Own The Walk Through Process, Then Deliver a Winning Proposal- So You Close All The Deals YOu ReallyWant

Module 3 – Commercial Pricing and Compensation

Learn to Calculate with Precision- So You’re Clear on What You Need To Make A Profit, Yet You NEVER Leave Money On the Table

Module 4 – Commercial Sales for Super Heros  (Part 1)

Become A “Problem Solving” Superhero To Your Clients & Your Employees- So Your Company (& You) Enjoy Financial Security

Module 5 – Construction Cleaning Mastery

Earn The Juiciest Profits Around With Post-Construction Cleaning-So You Can Increase Your Margins 

Module 6 – Commercial Operations and Sales For SuperHeroes (part 2)

Did You Say You Like Videos? You’re In Luck! Take Your Coaching “To- Go”

Module 7 – Get (& stay) OUT Of The Field – Forever

A 90 Day Action Plan That Will Enable You To STOP Cleaning (for good)! So You Can Focus On What Matters

Module 8 – Social Media and Internet Marketing

Gain The Skills You Need To Increase Your Visibility & Dominate Your Local Market……. All The Way To The Bank

Module 9 – Email Marketing Campaigns

Learn This Budget Friendly Tactic To Add BIG Numbers To Your Bottom Line & Gain New Clients Consistently

Module 10 – Advertising, Community Involvement, and Public Relations

Use The “Yin and Yang” Of Marketing – You’ll Explode Your Revenue

Module 11 – Powerful Postal Campaigns

Instead Of Dialing For Dollars- Learn ‘Mailing For Money’ To Reach Highly Targeted Prospects

Module 12 – “28 Day Transformation” + Sales for SuperHeros (part 3)

Audio Training To Tie It All Together – So You Have Less Stress, More Income, & More Free Time

Want to know if this mentorship program is right for you?
If so, watch this powerful MasterClass and then schedule a call with Pam to see if/how she can help

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Pam Washington is one of the brightest minds in the field of Janitorial Services and will take your marketing skills from a zero to a hero in her 8 week Marketing Training. I have been able to re-energize my marketing approach and my business is better for it. Thanks again Pam for giving my business the needed boost to the top. See you there soon. Carl Fuller

President, Fuller Cleaning Services

You know your STUFF!!! I was scared to death about the amount of time this job would take and the price I charged. The 2 ladies were in an out in less than 2 hours!!!! God has blessed me to cross paths with you. Thank you Pam!!!! La Shanda Brown


About Pam Washington

Pam founded her award winning cleaning service company (A1 Janitorial) in Las Vegas, NV in 1993. Over the last 25 years she’s built a well- known and highly respected company, served 1000’s of clients & earned millions of dollars in commercial and residential cleaning revenues while pursuing her passion for learning, sharing and travel.

She founded Build My Cleaning Business in 2011, and has coached hundreds of cleaning business owners to faster success over the last 7 years. 

A quote from Pam:

“The road to success begins at the intersection of knowledge and implementation. Coaching is the fastest vehicle on that road.” 

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What People are Saying…
Keffrin's progress Testimonial Keffrin Dunson

Owner, All Mighty Hands Janitorial & Cleaning

I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful coach, Pamela Washington. I would like to share about my BIG success today! I got a contract with the 11,000 sq. ft. Pharmaceutical company! This is such a huge milestone for my company and I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful coach, Pamela Washington.

Mercedes Cullinan

Owner, Cleanhouse California


What is group coaching, and why do I need that? Can’t I just join some free Facebook groups, buy a book, and learn everything I need that way?
    1. Well, you could buy a book (but you wouldn’t be able to get your individual questions answered, and you wouldn’t be able to get follow up in case you get ‘stuck’ or need to customize certain aspects of what you’re learning.
    2. You also wouldn’t have the support of an industry veteran with 25 years (and still counting) of running a VERY successful cleaning service business. Group coaching gives you the accountability that many people find makes all the difference in terms of staying on track and maintaining momentum
    3. If you’ve ever been a member of any other industry FaceBook group (many of which are  free) you’ll notice two BIG differences right away
  • The other groups don’t actually offer much (if any) expertise. They are more like “democratic” gathering of equals – without anyone clearly in charge,  whose role it is to dispense advice, training, knowledge or , information.
  • The other major thing to notice is that the conversations will likely be more unstructured and can veer into being ‘venting sessions’, have a negative tone, AND it’s hard to gauge the validity of their “advice”. This is not to say those groups aren’t helpful, but more to point out how they differ from the group that is part of Commercial Cleaning Sales Pros
Exactly is the “Commercial Cleaning Sales Pro Group” and how can it help me?
It’s a 12 month (self- paced) group coaching program with

    1. An online curriculum and
    2. Access/support with me that provides a deep dive into the commercial cleaning industry.

It’s quite thorough, yet primarily focused on Marketing and Sales  so you improve your ability to:

    • Accurately price and expertly  present proposals- so you are confident, competent, and profitable !
    • Get in front of more ideal prospects – so you can have a constant stream of requests.
    • Have them contact you about working together- so you never have to “chase”another sale
    • Close those prospects into new, well-paying, clients- so you can have the steady growth, & income you desire
    • Know how and where to locate high-performing workers (and what to pay them) – so you can grow with
I'm only interested in residential cleaning. Can you help me with my business?
Yes, I can help you. I ONLY coach cleaning business owners so  whether you provide residential, commercial , construction clean up, or some combination of the three, I  have 25 of experience, trial, and error, to share with you. However, this particular group is ONLY about  the commercial side of our industry, so if you’d like me to coach you in other aspects of your business another one of my courses or products might be a better fit for you. And if you do both, and are currently focusing on (or expanding into) commercial, then YES. This is definitely the place for you!
I’ve never done (but want to expand into) commercial cleaning. Can you help with that? How about construction clean - up?
Is there such a thing as a “double yes”? If so, that’s my answer here. See, I’m funny too! OK seriously…..yes when I first started doing coaching I only offered commercial and construction clean-up help. So, I have a strong background in this. You also get a “start” up shopping list to help you. If you are a newbie, that’s OK! As long as you have an open mind, and are willing to learn and actually implement what I teach you, this group will work for you.
I want help with commercial clients but I think I need to wait until I have a few more clients before I join your group, OK?
The Commercial Cleaning Sales Pro  group coaching program is designed for people earning $5K  or more a month in commercial – or $6500 in commercial and residential combined monthly revenues.  That’s because commercial clients take longer to close than residential and I want to make sure you have enough cash flow to get through the ‘startup’ phase of commercial. Also because this side of the industry takes a bit longer to begin building momentum you’ll need to commit in your mind to sticking with it at least 6 months and preferably 12+ months.
This group sounds like just what I need (and I fit the income minimum) but I don’t think I can afford coaching…..
I understand your concern, and don’t want you to do something that doesn’t work for you. So trust your gut, and make the decision that’s best for you and your family. That being said, here’s what I know for sure: I do my best work when I stretch myself. I would have NEVER thought I would be as successful, or accomplish as much as I have. And every step of the way I’ve had to push myself beyond what I’m comfortable with, to take (calculated) risks, and to dare to dream beyond where I ‘think’ I can go. One of the ways I do that is to think about what the ‘opportunity’ cost is of not taking action. If I don’t decide to work with this coach, buy this program, or invest in my business, how much will it cost me to stay right where I am now for another month, another year, another  5 years? How much MORE money and free time could I have if I learn this now vs 3 years from now? There are many people who weren’t 100% sure before starting to work with me-  but it’s like saying “I’m going to wait to join the gym, until I lose some weight”. Joining the gym is what will help you lose the weight. And waiting, means you stay right where you are….. Joining me in the Commercial Cleaning Sales Pro may be just the thing you need to make the BIG shift you need in your business (and in your life).
Does the course start or end at a certain time?
Nope, it  has an open-  floating enrollment, and a self-paced curriculum – which means you do the work in your own time, and according to your personal schedule. BUT- This “open enrollment period” will end in a few days and then the prices will be increasing and the “2.0 Bonus Package” will be going away- so the best time to enroll is RIGHT NOW
My business is established - (over $350K in annual commercial revenues). Is this course too "basic" for me?
Depending on how long you’ve been in business, how much infrastructure  you’ve already established, and what your goals are for your next business stages, we may need to either look at a more advanced program, or add some private coaching, or perhaps both to help you reach your goals.
I’m pretty busy running my business. How much time do I need to devote to this each day?
The course materials assume it will take about 12 -18 months to complete and they would require 5 hours or less per week to consume.   This includes participating in and accessing content in the private FaceBook group. Frankly in this program the focus is much more on implementing then it is on learning. For that reason there are templates to use and much of the material is delivered in multiple formats (audio, video and written)
What if my business doesn’t meet the minimum income requirements. Can I still work with you?
It’s very likely that you can-  and it may be that either my Ultimate Success Academy 2.0 or the Cleaning Business Masters Level would be a better place for us to start our work together. The Success Academy is a great fit for people earning less than $100K per year in their businesses (or just starting out)and it coaches on both residential and commercial cleaning. The Masters Level is a great fit if your business is earning $100K+ and you’d like to continue coaching in both the residential and commercial sides of our industry. Here’s a link to get more details about the Success Academy And here’s where you can learn more about the Masters Level Program. I also have some DIY and private coaching options + a SUPER advanced program called ‘The Profit Maximizer’ . If you’d like to set up a discovery call to see which of my programs might be a good fit for  you – feel free to set up a time for us to chat right here:
Can you guarantee this program will work for me?
No, because your results will be entirely up to you. But here’s what I CAN tell you: 1. If you absorb the information and do very little with it you’ll get very little benefit in return. 2. If you implement what you learn – the progress you make in your business will be astounding! The sky is truly the limit in terms of what you can accomplish in your business. I BELIEVE in coaching (I have a few coaches myself that help me in different aspects of my growth), and I’ve designed this program to provide all the support you need to reach your goals. Ultimately, I’m here to guide, teach, and encourage. YOU have to do the work.
Do you have question I didn't address here?
I’m happy to answer any more questions you might have! You can either Send me an email, OR you can sign up for a free “assessment” call where we can talk about how/if I can help here;

Want to know if this mentorship program is right for you?
If so, watch this powerful MasterClass and then schedule a call with Pam to see if/how she can help

FTC DISCLOSURE: Any income claims shared by my clients, students, or friends, or are understood to be true and accurate, but are not verified in any way.There can be no guarantee made or implied about the success you will have when investing in this (or any program) as your results will depend entirely upon your efforts, participation, implementation, and follow-through.Always do your own due diligence and use your own judgment when making buying decisions and investments in your business. This course will support and assist you in reaching your own goals, but your success depends primarily on your own effort, motivation, commitment and follow-through. I cannot predict and I do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result, and you accept and understand that results differ for each individual. Each individual’s results depend on his or her unique background, dedication, desire, motivation, actions, and numerous other factors. You fully agree that there are no guarantees as to the specific outcome or results you can expect from using the information you receive on or through this course.