The challenges in the commercial and residential cleaning industries are many. Squeezed from all directions by shrinking budgets, intense competition and the need to do more with less, many cleaning business owners are looking for ways to build and grow their businesses, improve the nature of their relationships and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Client attraction for the cleaning business owner is more important now that ever before and keeping your staff and associates feeling positive and inspired is a must in today’s environment. Cleaning service providers, customers and referral sources all respond well to an “atta boy” and a show of appreciation can go a long way in improving the relationship with all of these important stakeholders of your cleaning company.

What can commercial and residential cleaning companies do that’s affordable, simple and effective? Here are a few ideas:

Reward service providers with gift cards after having a pre-defined run of no complaints from customers. Could be for the month or quarterly, but the goal is to give the employee something as an incentive to strive for, beyond their base pay and benefits. Ask employees when the are hired, what types of gift cards they’d like to receive and then store this list in their personnel file for use at a later date. You can also use this same strategy to ask about other types of rewards that are meaningful and personal to each employee, client or strategic partner. Some employees might appreciate a day off, others prefer a chance to take their family out to dinner of perhaps movie passes.

Offer incentives, like Boston Market, Speedway, or AutoZone gift cards, for those who service new customers that result in long-term customers (perhaps when they schedule their 6th cleaning, or upgrade their service, it triggers the employee reward). This indicates that a new customer is pleased and becoming a loyal customer.

Utilize gift cards to curb attrition, by incentivizing office managers that handle customer complaints to please your customer base. Those office managers are also sales people, gift them sales incentives to convert 1-time cleanings to ongoing customer status or for cross selling carpet cleaning and floor services to your commercial cleaning clients.

Offer gift cards to customers to solicit their feedback about the service they’ve been receiving; this helps you find problems before they affect your business in a mass loss of customers.

Create a customer referral program and reward your loyal customers to refer their colleagues, friends and family.

Gift cards are the perfect ‘thank you’ for “customer anniversary” and holiday gifts. By helping your employees and customers stretch their family or office budget, you become a hero and there are some programs that offer savings on gift card purchases when you buy in bulk.

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