It’s so easy as you work to get new cleaning accounts or try to improve your cleaning business to stop taking good care of your personal, physical and spiritual self. In today’s fast paced environment of technology, constant demands on your time and the pressure to keep on top of what’s happening day to day in your company, who has time for “big picture” thinking?

And yet, wasn’t there a big picture that lead you to become self-employed in the first place?

This week, I am sharing a video from one of the world’s best big picture thinkers who’ll remind us about some important consideration while we strive to improve our cleaning business.

Click here to view the video.

Because here’s an important truth: Your business can’t grow unless you grow. As the person responsible for charting the course and steering the ship, your vision is critical to the success of the voyage. And after all, life is a voyage isn’t it? While it’s necessary to stay focused on the destination, it’s also important that the voyage be enjoyable, properly managed, and executed according to the overall goals.

I hope this video encourages you to think deeply about what else is important in life. Focusing on your overall voyage will not only be healthy, fun and keep you balanced, it will actually increase your ability to get new cleaning accounts and improve your cleaning business success. I promise!

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