Today’s successful cleaning business owners are busier than ever. Here’s a time management tool you can implement to increase productivity and improve personal organizational skills. It may take a little time to learn and master, but it pays big dividends in greater efficiency / effectiveness in all areas of your life. Not only that, but you eliminate forever the strain of keeping things in your head, trying the keep track of everything and the self-defeating attitudes that result when you inevitably miss something.

If building and growing your cleaning company is your goal, you’ll need some specific tools and strategies to help you meet your business goals in record time. At the same time, you don’t (nor do you want to) work 24/7 and you have a personal and family life that needs to be balanced with your work activities. Life has become much more complex in the 21st century, here’s how to stay on top of it all with driving yourself insane:

Use a Time Planner (Preferably Electronic)

The first time management technique I recommend is a time planning system. The key is to use something that contains everything you need to plan your (business and personal) life and improve your organizational skills in one place. A good time planner will contain a master list where you can capture every task, goal, and required action as it comes up. Today’s Smart Phones and PDAs are a perfect fit. I like Google Calendar, Base Camp and Evernote!

This master list then becomes the core of your time-planning system to increase productivity for your cleaning service company. From this master list, you allocate individual tasks to various months, weeks, and days. You no longer forget to make marketing your cleaning business a priority, it’s built right into your schedule. You’ve also eliminated the overlaps that used to occur when you kept your business and personal/family engagements in separate systems.

The second part of the time-planning system is a calendar that enables you to improve your organizational skills by planning several months ahead. With the right system (I use Google calendar), you will be able to transfer individual items from your master list to the exact day when you intend to complete them. Monthly networking meetings where you meet referral sources for your cleaning service company are automatic. Follow up phone calls and “keeping in touch” emails are now a breeze to keep on top of.

Once you’ve got the hang of using your time planner you’ll move on to putting absolutely everything you need to do in the planner. Then, you’ll further refine it by prioritizing each of these items so you make sure to spend your time doing the most important things first. Lastly, once you’ve got a really good handle on how you’re spending your time and what tasks need to get accomplished within your cleaning company you’ll begin to delegate those things that have a low priority on your list and that you:

Never get around to
Hate doing
Don’t perform effectively

But for now, just work on mastering the time planning system. This one step will save you a considerable amount of time (around 2 hours within each 8 hour work day) once you get the hang of it. Since your goal is to grow your cleaning service company and make more money while working fewer hours, you’ll be well on your way.

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