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Thriving Cleaning Business Owners

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The Success Academy 2.0 is an online course divided into 12 powerful modules and supplemented with a private MasterMind connection to Pam and other cleaning business owners.

This coaching program is specifically designed by and for cleaning business owners to teach you the skills you need to grow more quickly, manage more effectively, improve your operating margins, allowing you to fall in love with your business all over again.

Its perfect for those just getting started, needing to “rejuvenate” their company’s focus, looking to shore up a shaky foundation, and/or generating less than $8500 a month in revenues.


Commercial Cleaning Sales Pros is an online course to help you close Commercial Cleaning Prospects.

There are two PRIME buying seasons in the world of corporate cleaning. The 16 week period between the end of January and the first week of May is the first one, the second one runs for about 10 weeks from Labor Day to the middle of November.

Would You Like Help Attracting Ideal Prospects, then Closing the Sale?


The Cleaning Business Masters Level

If you’re no longer in the “start-up” phase with your cleaning service business, this program might be exactly what you need. You’ll work in a small, intimate group setting with me here – where you’ll get lots of one-on-one attention from me, but you’ll also have the opportunity to share best practices and network with other successful cleaning business owners.

So, whether you need help “GETTING OUT OF THE FIELD” for good. To work on MINDSET, MOTIVATION, & OVERCOMING OBSTACLES, MARKETING (FOR COMMERCIAL or Residential CLIENTS). Shoring up your SALES SYSTEMS & PROCESSES, fine-tuning your HUMAN RESOURCE Department, improving TIME MANAGEMENT or focusing on QUALITY CONTROL everything you need is contained here.

We’ll also delve deeper into CUSTOMER SERVICE ACCOUNTING, FINANCIAL REPORTS, & OPERATING RATIOS (everyone’s favorite, right?) and the LEADERSHIP SKILLS AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT work you need to complete to take you to the next level in your business.

This curriculum has been specifically designed to fit ambitious cleaning business owners consistently grossing a minimum of $8500 per month who can make the commitment necessary to leverage their previous success by working smarter-not harder.

Because, the skills that allowed you to build your business to $100K-$250K are not the same skills you’ll need to take you to $500K and beyond. Here you’ll begin to create, prepare, or implement a strategy that allows you to finally work “on your business” as you focus on BIG vision activities.